Monday, May 25, 2015

Showcase: Celebrity Stylist, June Ambrose

I love June Ambrose.  Her sense of style is totally incredible! Here's to America's darling of celebrity styledom! She is the epitome of Cultural Chic!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Showcase: The fashion illustrations of BlairZ

I am in love with the illustration stylings of Blair Breitenstein.  Follow her on Instagram @blairz and I promise you will be amazed at her ability to create on such a large scale.  Her style is impressionistic, prolific, fun and quirky, yet her eye for detail is such that you instantly recognize the models and designers she renders.

Here are just a few of my favorites. Oh, and if you're hankering for ownership of one of her prints (as I am), check out her ecommerce store at


courtesy of Blondlasagna

Twiggy in Flowers

Vogue Readers

New Fashion Sketches

Hello all.  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  My muse payed another visit this weekend and I ended up being pretty productive.

I've been doing some hard studying of various fashion illustration techniques on YouTube and it has sparked a great deal of excitement about my own work.  So I tried something new.  I purchased some markers.  I've never used markers other than for outlining so this was uncharted territory for me.  I am a painter by heart and I'm sure I'll remain one.  But markers make things much more spontaneous and enables me to hone my skills as an illustrator and sketch artists all in one.

So here is the new work I put together on Saturday and Sunday.  Hope you can see the movement and spontaneity!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Fashion Illustrations of Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson

Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson is my fashion illustration hero.  He is so prolific that every morning, before going to the ultimate dream job of being head of creative development at Bobbie Brown Cosmetics, he does at least 3 illustrations. Clearly Robertson's muse is on overdrive (he is one of the 3 creators of MAC cosmetics) and has afforded him the title "The Andy Warhol of Instagram."  The social media giant has given new life to the arts community by offering a platform for instant gallery status.

Here are some of my favorites from one of the coolest fashion illustrators to ever pick up a sharpie.

June Abrose -Donald Drawbertson Robertson-Pinterest

Donald Drawbertson Robertson-Courtesy of Pinterest
Donald Drawbertson Robertson-Courtesy of Pinterest
Donald Drawbertson Robertson-Courtesy of Pinterest

Black and Blue Everything Pouch

 Black and Blue Everything Pouch

Back view

The Art of Creation

Hello everyone.  I know it's been a REEALLY long time since I've posted on this blog, and for this, I apologize.  My creative muse has been on leave for what seems like forever but now it seems that she's returned.

It's taken me some years to understand what I'm really about artistically.  I've gone back and forth with my gifts, writing, then drawing, then illustration (both children and fashion), then writing again, and now back to illustration--mainly fashion.

My first love in the arena of pop culture is fashion.  Since I was a little girl sitting in my room making these giant collages on poster board of all of my favorite styles and models, I have always studied the art of fashion. The intricate details that go into a designers creations, the time it takes to put idea to paper to pattern to cutting to sewing to sample and finally, to runway is the most fascinating process. And now that my muse has returned she has rekindled my love of color, line and form.  I am now voraciously devouring every detail of the world's greatest fashion illustrators, both then and now, and I'm having a ball doing so.

My own designs are more intricate than before and I take more time to develop the handbags from the beginning to the end result.  I still don't use patterns or work out any of the details on paper.  I usually just cut the shape and start to sew.  I add embellishment as I go along and as I see it in my head.  It's a process that's maybe a little unorthodox by traditional standards, but hey, it works for me.

So expect to see more of my handbag designs, fashion illustrations. fashion paintings, portraits and even some jewelry made from leather scraps, beads and whatever else I can find.  In other words, I'm baaaaaack...

Day to evening clutch-brown

Back view

Day to Evening clutch, orange

Back view