Thursday, October 6, 2016

Miu Miu: The Process of Capturing a Classic

Once again, I like to show the process of how I get to a finished product.  In this case, it's a play by play of rendering an ad from Vogue Magazine of Miu Miu eyewear.  I must say, I like how this one came out.  How about you? What do you think? Do you go through a process to create? How do you feel about the end result?

Finished product

Red Bikini Glamour

I know that summer has ended. But I just had to post this as a reminder of Beautiful Summer Days gone by! Fall's here!


Farewell, Dear Sonia

I remember as a young girl, sitting in a chair while my mother braided my hair, looking through Vogue Magazine and seeing a pair of beautiful shoes designed by the late Sonia Rykiel.  I remember thinking then how I wished I had the money to purchase these gorgeous shoes that were black with beautiful colors (rhinestones and baubles?) This illustration is my tribute to this prolific designer.

Farewell, Dear Sonia! The fashion world has lost another giant in the industry!

My Grace

The epitome of Cultural Chic, the iconic Grace Jones is quickly becoming my muse. I will be doing more illustrations of her in the future and posting them here.  Who remembers the striking Diva in her hey day?

My Coffee Girls

Hello all, once again! I've been working on a series that I would like to share with you called Coffee Girls.  I love coffee and think it's nice to have fashionable women having coffee or showing their love of the wake-up juice.

Hope you enjoy the early installments from this series.  More are soon to come and they too will be available in limited edition prints very soon.

Ciao Bellas!

More new work, 10/06/2016

Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening.  Just thought I'd post the latest from my arsenal of fashion illustrations.  Hope you enjoy!
P.S. Selected works are soon to be available as prints!


New Work

Hello, everyone!  I know it's been a while since I've posted anything but things have been kind of hectic. So I'm trying to catch up with posting works that I've done since the last time I was here.

Hope you enjoy what you see! I love to show the process!