Wednesday, February 27, 2013

African Flair at the Oscars

In a rare instance of cultural infusion, the Red Carpet received a taste of global style.

Actress Rachel Mwanza, star of best foreign language film, War Witch looked stunning in a high-low gown in colorful African fabric.

Kudos for Rachel Mwanza, the epitome of Cultural Chic. Stunning!
Caio, Bellas!

Photo Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cultural Chic Icon: Solange Knowles, Natural Beauty

What I love about Solange Knowles is that she is determined not to live in the shadow of her famous sister. Her sense of individual style and retro fashion savvy are an inspiration to those of us who would rather set trends instead of merely following them.

Solange Knowles.  The epitome of Cultural Chic.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

LONDON FASHION WEEK: Color Blast-London Designers Embrace Color, Prints & Patterns

I'm loving all things London. Even before London Fashion Week, I've been enamored with the funky style of Londoners on the street. And now, for a colorist such as myself, the runways are a feast for my color hungry senses. From Holly Fulton to Tom Ford, big bold patterns with splashes of color, animal and floral prints are featured on the catwalks.

London Fashion Week.  The epitome of Cultural Chic.

Tom Ford 2013 Ready-to-Wear
 Holly Fulton 2013 Ready-to-Wear

 Louise Gray Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear

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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Epitome of Cultural Chic: Monique of Motor City Moxie

Cultural Chic is all about exploring the cultural aspect of beauty and style.  Having said this, I am constantly on the look out for interesting, stylish people and places. What better place to find what I’m looking for than the ever expanding blogosphere? 

Enter Motor City Moxie, brainchild of Monique, lifestyle coach, promoter of “Feminine Allure,” and author of the Moxie Manifesto, a publication that inspires women to enjoy who God made them to be and to "Be Good, Look Good, Do Better!"

Her blog is chock full of stylish and useful tidbits on how us purveyors of urban Chic can become our best selves.  She offers character building with a twist; her posts and video logs are insightful, informative and fun to boot. So much so, that I thought her post “Urban Beauty: How to Become One” was worth repeating.  Read on and enjoy.

Urban Beauty: How to Become One
Re-posted from Motor City Moxie

 Do you consider yourself an urban beauty? Want to become one?

Below is my Top 10 list for becoming an urban beauty!

 --Flannel shirt-Target, Pants- H&M; Boots- Target 

1.   Urban beauties give back. 
Become involved by committing to a public service initiative, and participate regularly. In some communities, urban beauties are like unicorns, you only hear about them, but really, they don’t exist. So when serving in the community, “show up, be smart, and make a good impression.”

2.  Urban beauties invest in their growth and themselves. 
Acquire more skills, maintain a kempt appearance, exercise, prepare your own meals, etc.

3.  Urban beauties are amusing. 
Memorize a good joke. Great jokes are good ice-breakers for socially awkward situations.

4.  Urban beauties are go-getters. 
Nuff said!

5.  Urban beauties are cool.
Do something nostalgic and share it. Return to your favorite childhood spot, prepare your favorite childhood meal, play your favorite childhood game, and invite someone to join you. 

6.  Urban beauties are into the arts.
Add a new a artist from a different genre to your iPod, attend the symphony or a local play, paint, color, write!

7.  Urban beauties travel and explore.
You don’t have to be an international jet-setter, just go to that side of town where you rarely go, find a cool spot, and chill.

8.  Urban beauties are intelligent.
Try to read one book per quarter, that’s four (4) books per year. Besides my school books, so far, I’ve read three leisure books: Think Big and Kick Ass, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and The Help.

9.  Urban beauties create.
I started a blog. What have you been thinking of creating? Do it!

10. Urban beauties add value.
Don’t be stingy. Share your information, don’t just sit on it!


Side note: Yesterday, I took a study break and a conducted a mini-photo shoot of the urban landscape (sort of) with the help of a classmate and friend.

These Frye Harness boot look-a-likes were a steal at Target for about $50. They’re my go-to boots in the Fall season. I love their ruggedness!

Enjoy the rest of your week and challenge yourself to…

…Be Good. Look Good. Do Better!