Friday, March 16, 2012

My Stuff

Here's more of what I do. Enjoy, ya'll!

Wheel in the Middle of a Wheel
Acrylic on Canvas

Bufallo Soldier
Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas

Acrylic/Mixed Media and Metal on Board

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Morocco Mall: The New Happiest Place on Earth?

Rarely does a mall catch my attention (my youthful days as a mall rat are long over), but I just had to share this little tidbit with my Cultural Chic family.

The mall by the sea, opened in December of 2011, is located in the Casablanca Corniche, a very prestigious and prosperous area in Morocco. Over 2 million people have visited the Morocco Mall and it is listed as one of the top 5 malls in the world of it's class.

Even before entering the award winning mall itself, the grounds alone will make you gasp for air. One of the mall's major features is the Musical Fountain, billed as "one of the most impressive fountains in the world."

The website,, is chock full of photos of beautiful people inside a huge, airy shopping plaza. Purchasing your Louie Vuitton or Prada goodies becomes more than just a shopping spree, it is a major life's event. There's clearly something for everyone; from Grandma on down to the kiddies, a visit to Morocco Mall is sure to be a memorable excursion to end all excursions. The epitome of Cultural Chic.

My wish list just got longer.

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