Friday, July 27, 2012

Cultural Chic: A Celebration of Individual Style

I love looking at pictures of women of individual style.  In a society that is determined to promote a certain "Kind" of beauty, these women whom I greatly admire inspire me with their grace, elegance and willingness to stand out in the crowd.  Here are a few reasons why I'm inspired:
1.  These women are NOT afraid of color! In fact, they embrace it, from their garments to their eclectic accessories, their ensembles pop with the vibrancy of color.
2.  They are not afraid to buck the status quo.  Whether it's rocking a natural do or mixing patterns and prints, the woman of individual style is not interested in following the trends. Instead she starts her own trend and people follow her.
3.  Women of individual style realize that fashion is fleeting, but style comes from within. The woman of individual style is no slave to the latest fashion craze.  Instead she chooses to be fashionable on her own terms, mixing high-end with low-end, vintage with newer pieces, ethnic designs and accessories with mainstay pieces such as the LBD (little black dress), other solid pieces, or combining prints and patterns with bright colors or neutrals.  Whatever suits her fancy. She plays by her own set of funky, fierce and fashionable rules.

Finally, women of individual style are not afraid to take risks and to be true to their stylish selves.  This to me, is the epitome of Cultural Chic.

All photos courtesy of Street Style

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great summer. Time seems to be going by so fast and catching up on the creative stuff is a bit hard. Still, I'm always looking for means of inspiration for my own work.

First off, let me apologize for being so late with posting about this event. That said, a few weeks ago, I was privileged to attend the Curls Unleashed Product Launch sponsored by the makers of Root Stimulator Hair Care. It was a free event held at the prestigious N'Namdi Center.

Many beautiful ladies were there rocking their natural do's as well as light refreshments, demonstrations of product, hair and scalp analysis, and live entertainment. I was privileged to meet the D's own Monica Blaire (she was truly awesome) and Brandi Keeler, winner of 2010's I love Detroit Video Contest.  What a treat!

George N'Namdi's gallery was the perfect venue for such an event. The artwork was eclectic and interesting and the size of the gallery made it easy to move around from one area to the next, even though there were quite a few women (and men) present in the place. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This event was the epitome of Cultural Chic.  Here are some more pics. Enjoy!

Beautiful Ladies greeting the guests!

One of Monica's beautiful backup singers!

Presenter introduces the entertainment


The incomparable Monica Blaire!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Trend: Wide Brim Hats

Trend extreme alert!  Thom Browne's  Resort ’13 gives us the Wide Brimmed hat on steroids!  Talk about having it made in the shade...What do you think?
Ciao, Mon Amis!

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