Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas goes Green

Use to the red, green and white lights on the outside of the home or the big, gaudy Santa, sleigh and reindeer on the front lawn or on the roof? How about something a little more subtle?

I think this room is beautifully, yet modestly decorated. The use of fir trees and mistletoe adds color and warmth to a festive environment. What do you think? Christmas without the traditional red. N'est-ce pas?

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  1. Hello Miss Cheryl,
    It's been a super long time, but I had to stop by babygirl. I came out from under my desk to write a few people that I love and you are on that list. Hope that you are doing well. I miss you, but I know that you and I both have been working and trying to keep things moving. I know how it is. Hope that you are doing well. We are doing well and getting settled finally here in Charlotte. I love your new blog. IT'S YOU INDEED!! Love it. Wishing you and yours all the joy and peace and happiness that your heart can hold.
    Best to you!!! Love you always


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