Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Work

Hello all my lovelies!  I apologize for the long hiatus, but I'm just now getting back into the creative mode. I had to take stock and realize that I am still an artist and designer. It takes a lot of work to not be that in name only. So here, just before the end of the year is some new work. Enjoy, and I am going to try really hard to post more often, now that the creative juices are flowing once more!  Ciao!

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Work

Meet Jazz.
Mixed media on painters canvas, hand sewn and embellished.

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I'm back...Tina Turner Ties the Knot at 73!

Hello everyone.  Sorry I've been away for so long.  I had to take a break from blogging, but I'm slowly starting to get back in the groove.  Lot of things have been going on and I've been sort of dry creatively (life sometimes gets in the way, as we all know). But culture never sleeps so here are a couple of beautiful pics I thought I'd share.

Tina Turner Ties the Knot at 73 to her long time love, Erwin Bach, 57!
I wish them all the happiness.  I think this
dress is magnificent. What do you think?

Beauty and Elegance.  The epitome of Cultural Chic!
Photos courtesy of African Fashion.  Check out their page
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Friday, April 5, 2013

New Designs

Afros Rock! Small Pouch (front and back view)

I Have A Dream - Small Pouch (front and back view)

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Design Showcase: Renovated 300 year old Farmhouse makes for a Stunning Living Space

Renovated 300 year old farmhouse Casa Olivi, located near
the town of Treia in the Le Marche region of Italy.
Burned to the ground years ago, the extensively renovated farmhouse
is the project of  Swiss architects Markus Wespi and Jérôme de Meuron.

Is this not the most fabulous place you've ever seen?  

Casa Olivi, the epitome of Cultural Chic.

All imagery courtesy of Freshome Design & Archictecture

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cultural Chic: Showcasing My Style

Here at Cultural Chic, I try to showcase the cultural diversity of the fashion and design industries by featuring the work of other artists and designers both locally and from around the globe.  Early on, I featured some of my own paintings and drawings but I was determined not to have this blog be exclusive to just my creations.  Because of this, I research on a daily basis fashion and design entrepreneurs that I would like to introduce or present to my readers.

But today, I'm excited about the work I've been doing as a handbag designer.  So in this post, I am giving you a glimpse into my style.  Let me know what you think.  There will be more of my own designs showcased here as time goes on and I'll also feature interviews from more artists/designers, both emerging and established.

So stay tuned and I promise to tickle your fashion and design hungry fancy.
(Please forgive the fuzziness of  the pics, I took them with my cell phone.)

Bridgette-Black and White Clutch Handpainted, hand sewn with faux leather trim
Amanda-Red and Eggplant Clutch with tan leather trim and beads

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

African Flair at the Oscars

In a rare instance of cultural infusion, the Red Carpet received a taste of global style.

Actress Rachel Mwanza, star of best foreign language film, War Witch looked stunning in a high-low gown in colorful African fabric.

Kudos for Rachel Mwanza, the epitome of Cultural Chic. Stunning!
Caio, Bellas!

Photo Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter